The Girls Behind the Words

A Blog About Life + Everything in Between.


Welcome to the blog of pure honesty, confessions, and a juicy read. Who are we, you may ask? This blog is created by two young and thriving college girls in their twenties with alike minds. Sprightly is a perfect name for this blog because it is a great representation of who women are and just how vivacious and strong we can be.

Let us introduce ourselves to you. This is a story of  Emily (pictured on the left) and Lily (pictured on the right), two girls from completely different ends of California, who met on their college journey. Emily, is your typical average girl with about 10 times more energy, liveliness, and a whole lot of sass unlike anyone you have ever met before. Then we have Lily, an overly charismatic ball of fun, who brings on the laughter as well as the charm.

Our lives crossed paths almost about a year ago, brought together by our Public Relations majors, outside of a Save Mart grocery store. From that moment on, it was an instant connection and a lifelong friendship.

Read along and follow us through a journey of surprises, wit, and an abundant amount of comedic content!