Review Alert: Liquidology


On the farthest end of East Sacramento, a hidden gem appears in the midst of cookie-cutter homes shaped to perfection and dark green trees lining the streets. What is this gem, you may ask? Well, quite frankly I would call it smoothie heaven but alas…they chose a different name and they go by Liquidology. An organic cold pressed juicery that specializes in superfood acai bowls, smoothies, health wraps, Kombucha on draft (wowzers) and numerous juices for the desired juice cleansers.
Lily and I came upon this place by pure chance and boy, were we impressed with what it had to offer this side of town. Let’s go over the logistics, the moment you walk in you are hit with a cool, fresh air, surprisingly pleasant background music and a slight scent of a hipster who might of just started their first juice cleanse. “Alright Emily, this sounds like a typical juicery and I can’t say that I’m impressed yet.” Give me minute, it gets good.
After you’re done looking like a starry-eyed fool, you take a glimpse to your right and there is a menu. A chalkboard, so aesthetically designed, that withholds a collection of all that they have to offer your taste buds, and then some. For starters, you’re overwhelmed by every single item, you take a deep breath, you open your eyes, and you decide on an acai bowl. “Good call ,” you think “you can’t go wrong with a bowl right?” You choose the Beez Nuts Bowl (my personal favorite) and wait patiently on their enlarged wooden table with art foliage hovering in your personal space.

Waiting…waiting…the wait is kind of long…waiting…”Emily? Your Beez Nutz Bowl?” and BINGO, your hands are wrapped around the cold chill of a smoothie bowl. The toppings are perfectly crafted on top of the smoothie itself, as if God came into the restaurant and placed them there with care. You take your first bite and the sour taste of acai hits your tongue and you’re taken on a smoothie love boat. I’m not kidding guys, it’s that good.

Let me give you a quick snippet for those of you want an easy rundown:
Easy parking

Great environment

Even better food Prices (Starting at $4 – $13)

Friendly Staff


Very long wait

Limited seating

If you’re a local or perhaps even in the area, give this place a shot. Refreshing, tasty, and healthy…I mean it guys, I give this place a firm, SPRIGHTLY YES!

Photo credit: Sactown Magazine


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