Skin Care: The Face Behind the Mask


Ladies and Gentlemen, face mask…let me say it one more time, FACE MASK. They have been around for ages and I’m sure that Cleopatra had the most amazing skin care regimen which would explain why her skin was the definition of perfect. But we are not in those ages anymore; we are the future and the future of face masks is now. And yes, it can be incredibly hard to pick just one but that is where I come in and guide you. Unfortunately, I cannot supply you but this is good enough and will help you in your glistening skin journey.

Now, you have probably heard this plenty of times but I’m here to tell you again. If your mother was anything like mine, she told you that less is more. However when she told me how to care for my skin, I was going through the sad stages of puberty and my skin did not stand a chance against any type of cure. This may come as a surprise to you, but I just entered the beautiful world of skin care and I am never going back (and when I say back, I mean dull, dry, skin that people from the other side of the world can hear crying for help).
I have tried so many face masks and have searched high and low for products that would leave me feeling that I have reached my “skin peak”. Therefore, without further ado, let me grace your senses with some products that worked for me.

ORIGINS: Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask:
Okay, this mask changed my skin and I mean turned it upside down, changed its’ name and packed its’ bags. This mask requires the user to put on a hearty coat of the cream on their face and neck before they go to bed. Once you wake up, you feel fresh, clean, and smooth, everything you want in your skin. Also, the product is Paraben, Sulfate, and Phthalates FREE which absolutely works in their favor. If you are a victim of dry, peeling skin then I highly suggest you give this mask a go.
You are able to find it at your local Sephora at a price of $27.00 for 3.4 oz.
Welcome to the world of sheet masks! A thin, lightly fragrant sheet that deposits nutrients into your skin, opens up your pores, and also makes you look like a serial killer! Luckily for us, we can achieve all of those things at a decent price from Sephora. They offer a collection of face masks with numerous benefits and different ingredients that nurture the skin. My particular favorite is the rose mask by Sephora Collection. This particular mask is responsible for moisturizing and brightening the skin through natural rose extract. When I use this mask, I always feel utterly balanced and fresh.
You are able to find it at your local Sephora at a price of $6.00 (for one mask? Yeah, that’s the downside of this collection).
Peter Thomas Roth: Cucumber Gel Mask Extreme Detoxifying Hydrator
Do you see that word in the title? Yeah, right there? That’s right, cucumber. The magical fruit (yes, it is a fruit not a vegetable!) that is responsible for numerous spa visits, the de-swelling of eye bags and a crispy addition to your house salad. However in this case, it is making a cameo in your gel mask. Gel masks are amazing in the fact that they soak the skin and give it a cooling effect. Every other morning I put this mask on my skin and let it soak, it is the perfect wake-up call and smells just as effective.
You are able to find it at your local Sephora at a price of $52.00 for a 5 0z container (I know, I’m sweating at the price too).
Scinic: Snail All in One Ampoule
Okay everyone; this is a weird one so get yourself ready and put your big girl panties on. You are seeing that correctly, it does say snail ampoule. Now, let me give you a brief back story as to what this is and why I’m putting it on my face. This goes into the collection of strange BUT effective and is highly popular within Korean skincare. We will save a blog on Korean skincare for another day (because it deserves its own page entirely) and let me tell you what it is made of. This product contains 50% Snail Secretion Filtrate and gives the skin undeniable moisture and elasticity all while helping the skin from a harsh environment and keeping it smooth.
I was BEYOND iffy about this product and felt almost bizarre putting snail secretion on my face but my god, it really does work. Pat a thin layer onto your face and neck before you go to bed and in the morning, your skin is smooth, moisturized, and radiant. If you are feeling risky and looking for new and improved skincare, then give this a go!
You are able to find it on numerous Korean beauty websites and mine in particular was from Korean Kiwi Beauty, and online domain that supplies Korean beauty products. This product is at a hearty price of $34.00 for 250 ml.

Photo Credits: Popsugar Australia


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