Dress for Less: Lululemon Edition


You don’t have to sell your kidneys to rock the Lululemon look. With these tips and tricks you will be dressed head to toe in affordable super cute active-wear that will be the envy of all your gym buddies. There are many different places to pick up a cute workout outfit, even at stores near you!


My favorite thing about Fabletics has to the personal shopping experience. If you’re as lazy as I am then having your outfits all laid out in front of you on your computer screen makes shopping so much easier. You get to see the model with a full workout outfit and you get the option to either pick and choose pieces or buy the entire ensemble all together. Also, can we talk about the quiz?! It’s a genius idea. No more scrolling through pages and pages to find the few that are of your interest. With the personal quiz, the site forms to you. I love a company that truly molds to the customer.


If you’re truly a labels girl and feel you can’t be caught dead with anything but high-brand, then Poshmark is your new shopping buddy. You no longer have to put out a loan just to afford a designer gym outfit. You can get great deals from clothes worn only once or twice to pieces fresh out of the store with the tags still attached. You can even negotiate and bargain for the price you feel is right. If you’re lucky then the seller might drop the price in due time, so place that item in your favorites and watch that price get low enough to snag yourself a steal.

3.Old Navy

Old Navy truly doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Okay so I was a part of the percentage of people who thought there was nothing at Old Navy besides bumble bee striped polo shirts and tacky cargo shorts. I am not afraid to admit I was wrong, to my surprise, Old Navy has great quality workout clothes at a decent price and they actually have a fairly cute selection. Especially their constant sales, if you go at the right time you can get bags and bags full of so many adorable outfits for the gym.


We all have that love-hate relationship at Target. You go in for one item and one item only, an hour later you’re pushing two full carts and have a receipt long enough to measure from the top of your head down to your toes. Alright I’m being a little over-dramatic but you get the point. Now their workout selection is too cute to resist so what I like to do is check out the clearance section. There are some pretty cute finds from the leftover batch from their previous workout display. “Out with the old and in with the new”, happens fairly frequently at Target, so there’s a good chance that sports bra on the mannequin will be on the clearance rack in about two weeks.

There are many ways to shop smart and look like a fitness goddess. Following the current trends doesn’t mean you have to abide by all the rules. Make it your own and you may have people following your style. With the magic of the internet, you can find stores that are complete hidden gems who offer cute workout outfits for your ideal price. It’s all about the research in the fashion world.

Photo Credit: Business Insider

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