MEMES: How to Master the World of Memes


Memes. What a silly, confusing, curious word that has graced our most recent vocabulary and has taken over social media by a storm. Now, before I give you a solid “how-to” let’s just get one thing straight, PRONUNCIATION. If you want to understand this craze and perhaps use it on a regular basis in your conversations, then spare yourself the future embarrassment and learn how to speak meme. No, it is not “may-may” or “me-me”, not even close. This strange word is pronounced, “meem” and is responsible for the latest in pop-culture and political uproar. Powerful little stinker, huh?
“Emily, how do I meme? How do I keep up with the latest and greatest that is the cause of my peer’s laughter?” Well, it all takes a little bit of research, observance, and open-mindedness. A meme starts out as something small and when it’s good (and I mean really good) it dines with the social trinity. It devours a full course meal with Twitter, makes its’ way to Instagram for dessert, and then settles in for the night at Hotel Facebook.
Memes must be used correctly. Each visual interprets a particular situation and lets the reader know how to take the statement. Most of the time it is with a grain of salt and other times it brings a reality check and a thoughtful pause. Let me give you guys some visuals of past memes.
The “Mocking Spongebob” Meme:


The “None of my Business” Meme:



The “What Ya’ll Mad About Today?”


See??? There are so many memes in this world and they are just waiting to be used and shown off on each of your fabulous social media account. I believe in you guys, we all believe in you.

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