Review Alert: Cafeteria 15L


Remember when we were in grade school and we counted down the minutes till we were sent on lunch break? How about the moment we stepped foot in the oversized cafeteria that smelled like old hot dogs surrounded with pale yellow walls that would make Van Gogh faint on site? Ever since I left grade school, cafeterias always held a bad name in my heart and I could never imagine in a thousand years that a room called “the cafeteria” would provide delicious, wholesome food, damn was I wrong (very, very wrong).

Nestled on the corner of 15th Street in Sacramento, a charming restaurant sits awaiting your arrival by the name of Cafeteria 15L. An urban restaurant that serves an array of home-cooked meals that entice your nostalgia and I’m not talking about your cafeteria mystery meat of the week. I’m talking about crispy chicken and waffles that would make your ancestors cry tears of joy and their eggs benedict that leaves you licking the plate for more. Upon arriving at your local trendy eats, you walk into a large restaurant that stimulates the senses immediately. Look to your right and there is an extravagant bar surrounded by chic decor…wooden tables, succulents galore, numerous stylish lights of all designs and a large sign, “Cafeteria” glimmers down from above you, almost laughing at how satisfyingly stuffed you’ll be once you leave. Then, take a glance to your left and the great outdoors welcomes you into a food coma retreat. With an open roof and luscious greenery planted in every corner, you suddenly feel like you’re not in Sacramento anymore. The moment Lily and I sat down we took in every inch of that place and predictably took pictures of its effortless vibe. Luscious greenery, fire pits, and starry lights supplied its’ internal makeup and supplied a relaxed aesthetic fit enough for royalty.


Now that I have painted you a picture of the inside, let me induce some drooling. The menu offers a broad variety (brunch, lunch, dinner, small plates, happy hour, ect;), Lily ordered the “Farm Skillet” filled with literal tater tots (crispy warm goodness) blanketed in eggs, spinach, corn and tomatoes with a dollop of cheese. While I ordered the “Florentine Benedict”, poached eggs, spinach, tomato, english muffin all while being coated with miracle sauce…aka hollandaise sauce. Seriously, I don’t know what they put in that sauce but God himself must arrive on site and place his tears onto each generous serving. Wait did I forget to mention their presentation? Remember Lily’s Farm Skillet? It was presented on an actual skillet and sizzled to the touch while the benedict was delicately placed on a warm porcelain plate, fit enough to make your grandma shiver in her slippers.

*30 minutes later*

I’m not entirely sure what happened in that time span but what I do know is that my vision came back, my brain was working again, and unbeknownst to me I gave birth to twin food babies. Lily and I were so full yet so pleased with the food that conversation was purely not possible unless it was a low, exasperated murmur. Let me tell you folks, this is not your typical grade school cafeteria. Not one putrid yellow wall in site, not one sad looking hot dog, just pure deliciousness and the mere breeze of the warm summer air. I promise you, this place is worth counting down the minutes for…lunch, dinner, happy hour, this place is sure not to disappoint your foodie desires. You know the drill, this establishment receives a hardcore Sprightly YES.

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