The runway of the VMA’s


This past Sunday 5.68 million people tuned in to watch MTV’s annual Video Music Awards(VMA); hosted this year by, famous singer, Katy Perry. It was a night of glamour, the test of true fandom, and just the perfect amount of drama. Sadly, that wasn’t enough to at least break-even on the amount of views tallied in for the 2016 VMA’s. That night, 12.1 million viewers were on the edge of their seats, but not to see who would take home the astronaut man. With sweaty palms and bitten down fingernails, the Game of Thrones season finale kept fans glued to HBO.

Not even Taylor Swift’s edgy new style was enough to save the views. However, while some mourned over the death of the T-swizzle who had tears drops on her guitar, Taylor wasn’t the only one who channeled an alter ego. There certainly was a theme to this year’s VMA’s, “out with the old and in with the new”. Let’s sashay down the catwalk and take a look at the head-turners, who either; absolutely SLAYED the red carpet or made us question fashion all together.


Demi Lovato


Singer, Demi Lovato, has been hitting the gym and we can tell! Showing off her newly found confidence and all her hard work in a sexy black sequin jumpsuit. Aside from her collaboration with Fabletics, we can certainly see evidence of her recently adopted fab and fit lifestyle through her sheer, barely covered top-half. Toned and fierce; Demi looks killer and comfy as she stages a little throwback with the parachute bottoms that makes us want to holler, “HAMMER TIME”! (photo credits: Billboard)

Amber Rose


Jaws cracked from dropping to the floor as, model, Amber Rose steps onto the scene with a long, thick dark-haired wig. Pairing that with a dangerously-steamy, body-hugging black gown that gives off “black widow” vibes. She nailed elegant and sexy right on the money. Is this a reveal to introduce a “wig-era” for Amber? (photo credits: Getty Images)

Alessandra Ambrosio


All laced up in Balmain, Victoria’s Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio strutted on stage to present Lorde’s performance and she most certainly stole the show. She traded her angel’s wings for the night with long heels that laced up to meet her dress and it really enhanced her leggy, 5’9 figure. (photo credits: E! Online)




Drowning in ruffles should really be left back in the 16th century. Singer, Ke$ha, is back in the Hollywood spotlight and she’s really changed since the last time we saw her. (photo credits: E! Online)

Jared Leto


Actor, Jared Leto, copped the style of Alan from the movie, Hangover, and attempted to cross-style it with a shiny, “loud” coat-cape that you can spot from miles away. (photo credits: Getty Images)

Cole Whittle


Cole Whittle, member of the band DNCE, predictably showed up in yet another unexplainable ensemble. It makes me wonder, has he been peacocking this whole time or does he just always want to look like he got ready in the dark? (photo credits: Billboard)

(photo credits for featured image: Variety)

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