Apple: Now Taking your Soul as Payment for iPhone X


We have finally reached the month of September and you know what that means? I’m talking about Starbucks advertisements invading your personal space with Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored EVERYTHING, seasoned decor that you refuse to put away the rest of the year because “it fits your theme” and Uggs, the shoes you can’t wear in the office but will try with diligence and resistance.  Now, don’t get me wrong all of this is exciting enough to get your panties in a bunch but something bigger just came our way and I think you know what I’m going to say. September is known for much more than what I just mentioned, this month is famously known for being the staple “iPhone release month”. Yup, the new iPhone 8 and better yet, the iPhone X has just been announced and it’s more extravagant than ever.


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Pictured above we have our iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8. All three phones have been featured with phenomenal additions and will inevitably make any techy person’s spine shiver with delight. Let’s break down features, shall we?

iPhone 8. An all around glass design (those of us who are clumsy can enjoy looking at our disappoint on both sides of the phone as we crack it within days of usage), wireless charging with a charging mat (Note to self: Samsung has already released this feature).

The 64GB starts at $699, while the 256GB is $849.

iPhone 8 Plus. As we all know, the Plus features a wider screen with a sharper resolution as well as double cameras (Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting). Literally the same as its mini version, just…bigger.

The 64GB starts at $799, and the 256GB is $949.

iPhone X. The King, the leader, the game-changer, no wonder they named it “X”. Face Identification is used to unlock your phone and dual cameras still offer the profound resolution we have all be waiting for in our selfies. Lastly and certainly not least, you can activate animated emojis to move with your face, this must really be what the future is all about, huh?

The 64GB starts at $999, and the 256GB is $1,149.

Two words, HOLY. CRAP.

Now don’t get me wrong, these features are truly spectacular and offer a new and improved version of the iPhone 7 (blah, blah, blah)  but is the price really worth the pain? Do users need to consider selling their unborn child to the Apple lords, just so they can purchase this phone? Yes, the price will go down as time passes but let me be brutally honest, this phone better serve me food and become my automatic chauffeur if it’s snatching that much money from my cold, bare hands.

Once this announcement came out, social media went OFF and users chimed in with the reveal with humor and shock.

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