Review Alert: Meet & Eat


Think of a time you felt extremely full after a big meal. Now imagine having that feeling while trying to sit down at Thanksgiving dinner. Well, that was me sitting at the restaurant thinking if it was possible to make my stretchy pants stretchier because this degree of stretch wasn’t cutting it for the level of stuffiness I was feeling!!! I didn’t know what full was until my recent experience dining at ‘Meet & Eat’, a local American-style eatery just down the street from the Sacramento City College campus. Let’s set the time machine back to about three weeks ago. My two friends from my hometown came to visit me for the weekend, so I decided to give them the ultimate Sacramento experience. You bet your bottom dollar I invited Emily to be a tour guide alongside me. She’s my right hand gal; it wouldn’t be a Sacramento adventure without her. With much to see in this beautiful city, the tour pushed back our meal times by quite a bit. Needless to say, around 4pm as we exited the fascinating museum inside the Capitol, we were just about ready to eat our own placentas. Crabby and exhausted, we headed to our car to drive to the nearest McDonald’s. Emily, being the voice of reason, suggested we eat at a place with much more quality to it and insisted we go to this restaurant, called ‘Meet & Eat’ that she had tried a couple weeks back. It’s hard to say no to food someone describes as “so good, it should be illegal”.  With that, it was goodbye Big Mac and hello extra 15-minute drive. Let me tell you, the things Emily and I would do for food makes such a long list you’d have to publish it in volumes.

We arrived at this trendy-chic looking establishment. The building was decorated with an urban wooden sign and drenched in exotic plants. One downside was that if you were not looking for the place, you would never have noticed it, probably because the plants create a camouflage effect. Luckily, though there is minimal parking, we were able to get a spot right away because it was late in the afternoon, so we dodged the rush of the lunch crowd. As we walked in, I noticed straight away a long wooden tabletop bar with more beers on tap than I have fingers; clean, bronzed wood tables that matched the rustic sign plastered on top of the building; black retro metal chairs filling up any space the room had left; and dainty little plants stationed at every table like a centerpiece candle in a five star restaurant. Following the hostess to the outside seating area, we were led to what looked like a greenhouse that housed probably every plant and succulent known to man. It was a succulent lover’s wet dream.  If I had to guess, this is where the term “aesthetically pleasing” comes to mind. Now, I am not that fond of succulents, but I give them a solid ‘A’ for plant presentation.



So far, I’ve painted you a pretty clear picture of what the atmosphere and set-up is like (if that didn’t do it for you I posted actual photographs for you). Now let’s get down to the food. When it comes to food, I can put it away. The best way I can describe it is that episode of Spongebob where they have the magic conch and a plane drops down a giant supply of food so Patrick inhales the food like an actual vacuum.


To cut to the chase, I was channeling my inner Patrick after being deprived of food for many hours. I felt praised by the Gods to find that ‘Meet & Eat’ has a fairly wide selection of appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and even spaghetti. With decent prices, I might add as their menu ranges from $8-$16. Of course, when you’re hungry you just want to order one of everything. So what does a girl do when she can’t decide between two options? The answer is always Emily. She is the one person I know who will chow down just as much and just as fast as me, who better a candidate than her?! With much discussion, we settled on one of us getting the Sunny Burger and the other getting the Chicken Pesto Sandwich, from which we will cut in two and trade our halves. We also ordered mozzarella sticks as an appetizer to share. Go big or go home, we have no shame in the food game.

“The Chicken Pesto Sandwich” – my order
“The Sunny Burger” – Emily’s order
Post meal trade-off (There is no such thing as “too many pictures of food”)

FOOD for Sprightly’s thoughts: ‘Meet & Eat’ receives an all out SPRIGHTLY YES! Five lemons rated for this hip, family-friendly joint. If I could applaud and throw roses outside their door without coming off as creepy, I would. My food was as amazing as Emily hyped it up to be, so a big thanks to my fellow Sprightly founder, Miss Emily, for introducing us to Meet & Eat. An overall positive experience, with a minor setback towards the end of our time spent at Meet & Eat. One matter that did tickle me the wrong way was when the waiter was clearing our plates from the table. One of my friends was casually eating the remainder of her fries and the waiter asked her while lifting her plate, “Can I take the temptation away?” We are not sure exactly what happened at that moment and I’m most certain he didn’t mean anything by it, but I think they need to be a little more careful with their words. That could’ve easily been taken the wrong way. Overall, great food with average service.

(Featured image credits: Cowtown Eats)

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