Hot Seat: Should president’s be allowed to use Twitter negatively for their own perks?


Freedom of speech has been seen as a right of passage for all walks of life. I imagine that back in “horse and carriage days” our ancestors dipped their toes in gossip and shared their opinions over the butter churner. Fast forward to the year 2017 and people are sharing their opinions through social media platforms (i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (repeat offender) and public forums) within their techie toys for the whole world to see. All it takes is one screenshot, one news article, one curious set of eyes to see something that perhaps cannot go unseen, let’s use Twitter as our shining star.

Most recently, Twitter has been the flaming platform for the public to unleash their opinions and if noteworthy, it will likely be spread like wildfire. Listen, I’m not going to beat around the bush when I say that the world has been through the runner and back in the last few years. We have watched in the comfort of our own homes and behind our glass screens as natural disasters, riots, and presidential debates unfolded in front of our eyes with each tweet and blurb on our newsfeed marked forever.

Reluctantly, I bring up the topic of our most recent presidential election. We saw the most historical, age-defining, election breakdown in front of the public eye. Overnight, these two contestants turned into WWE  finalists with throwdowns and jabs tossed from both directions, not only on “the mat” but on Twitter’s glorified platform. This leads me to my next comment, should presidents and government officials be allowed to use social media (more specifically Twitter) negatively for their own advantage?

Underhand comments and distasteful remarks on social media can really make or break your career and as far as politics goes, it can spark a national outrage.

I mean, are these underhand remarks really worth it?

According to the article, “Poll: Americans think Trump should stop tweeting from personal account” on, a whopping 60 percent of registered voters believe that President Donald Trump should stop using his personal Twitter account.


Fortunately, my mother raised an overly curious individual so with that being said, I opened up a poll to my fellow Twitter followers and asked them for their honest opinions:

twitter pic


It appears that 19% think they should be allowed to do whatever they please on their platform and 81% strongly disagree and think they should be thrown off Twitter altogether.

So what’ll it be? Do you think president’s should be allowed to use Twitter as their warfield for their own personal advantage? Let Sprightly know in the comments below.


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Photo Credits: personal Twitter account



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