Kombucha Power



Cleanse your body with a nice cold glass of fermented sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria. Doesn’t that just make you want to run to the nearest bathroom stall and upchuck your last meal? That’s exactly how I felt when I heard the Kombucha train making its stops around town, picking up more people every time it came back around. My hometown is the birth and center for most trending fads, especially if it can be categorized with the health-nuts. Now I’m not a Kombucha-enthusiast or connoisseur in any way. I’m just a curious-mind who decided to jump on the fermented-beverage bandwagon to see what the hype was all about. Besides, you’ll never know if you don’t like it until you try it. When I say “try it” I don’t mean to take one sip and that will be my deciding factor, like what I did with Monster and Rockstar energy drinks. *Cue the gag reflex* (No offense to those who like beverages that taste like battery acid.) My point is, I wanted to try every single flavor, brand, and style of Kombucha to get a solid opinion on it.

What’s the verdict?

Well your Honor, we, the Sprightly jury, find the defendant, Kombucha, guilty… of being absolutely amazing!! We give this trend an all out SPRiGHTLY YES! There are many flavors and brands out there so I am sure everyone can find a Kombucha beverage they like.

For those trying Kombucha for the first time, here are a couple of tips:

Sprightly Tip#183: DO NOT SMELL!!!!


The first time I tried Kombucha, before the ice-cold bubbly Synergy: “Trilogy” beverage hit my taste buds; I took a sniff to see exactly what I was about to put into my body. BIG MISTAKE. This immediately brought up thoughts of uncertainty to the front of my mind. This is one of those VERY RARE occasions, probably the only time, where you “don’t think, just drink”. Kombucha, though deliciously refreshing, isn’t anything like your Bath & Body Works “Eucalyptus Mint” scented candle. The taste gives a totally different sensation than the smell. Drink, taste, and broaden your horizons. (photo credits: Quickmeme)

Sprightly Tip#56: Glass HALF full.


Before deciding that you don’t like the fermented taste, drink at least half of the bottle. It may grow on you. Once you get used to how Kombucha itself tastes, the actual flavors are quite satisfying. Also, because there are such a wide variety of flavors, each one tastes differently. If you don’t like the specific one you bought, try another. Who knows you might find a flavor you will become obsessed with! (photo credits: drizly.com)

Sprightly Tip#765: Taste isn’t everything.


The hype of Kombucha is not all based on the taste; it is also about the way it makes you feel. Kombucha has many health benefits. Obviously it’s not the cure to cancer or can help you lose weight overnight (sadly), but you just feel a lot better and energized in a healthy way. Kombucha helps support a healthy gut, promotes disease prevention, can improve mental health, is antibacterial, helps maintain a healthy liver, and much more! (according to Draxe.com) (photo credits: Tenor)

Sprightly Tip#5: Marry rich.


Hate to break it to you, kid, but Kombucha doesn’t come cheap. They run from around $2 to as much as your “Grande, Cinnamon Dolce frappuccino” from Starbucks. However, Kombucha is much more nutritious than your cup full of whipped cream and sugar… I mean, your frappucino. So make a more sound decision and go for the beverage that will make you feel good both during and after its been consumed. (photo credits: Giphy)


Sprightly’s Next Top Kombucha: You wanna be on top?

Sprightly is proud to present: Kombucha Happy Hour! Below you will find the elite, “upper east side” top picks for the best Kombucha beverages. It was a tough competition and cutthroat decisions were made, but after much research I have collected Sprightly’s top faves and must-try’s.

Hy-VeeKeVitahealth-ade.com.pngKeVita1KeVita2Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 5.02.15 PM


(Photo credits row 1: Hy-Vee, KeVita, Health-Ade; row 2: KeVita, KeVita, Publix)    

(Featured photo credit: @FreshThymeFM)

→Sprightly wants to hear from you, comment below your thoughts about Kombucha or your favorite brand and flavor!

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