Birthday Brainstorm: Happy Birthday, Emily!


23 years ago TOMORROW, Sprightly’s co-founder Emily was brought into this world. Though I was not yet even a fetus, I can already tell you she probably came out of where the sun don’t shine laughing instead of crying like all other babies. I say this because Emily isn’t your average woman. Yes, she puts her pants on one leg at a time, she’s not bionic, but she brings a shocking amount of light and positivity into every room she walks into. The day Emily stops smiling is when you know the end of the world is near. When I first met her I thought her happiness was all an act. Being by her side for over a year sure proved me wrong.

Birthdays only come around once a year and on your special day you should make the most of it. The biggest problem everyone faces is exactly what to do on that day. I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way but I feel birthdays come by way too fast. 10-8 months before your birthday feels slow, but once you near that 3 month mark you turn a year older in a blink of an eye. For a day all about you being treated like royalty, birthdays are pretty stressful. Last minute plans never turn out how we want, but it’s hard to find the perfect time balance of when to start brainstorming and planning. You either plan too early where the people you plan to invite don’t know exactly what they’ll be doing around that time. So by the time it’s around your birthday they’ll make other plans because it will have completely slipped their mind . Or it goes the other way of planning too late, then half the people you invited won’t show up. That’s why I decided to write this blog.

I love birthdays, preferably not mine (too stressful). Birthdays are a celebration of life and with everything that has been going on lately, I think we should celebrate our lives and how blessed we are. I go all out on birthdays for the people that I love. After all year around of giving me the greatest friendship of all, I think I should spoil them ROTTEN to let them know how much I appreciate them. Anytime it’s a friends birthday I put all hands on deck and do whatever I can to help alleviate their stress.

The idea of this blog sparked when I was talking with Emily months before about what exactly she wanted to do on her birthday. So in honor of Emily on her special day, I give you 23 activities to do on your birthday!

1. Put your trust in someone else.

Have your best friend or significant other plan your birthday. It may seem scary but think of it as an exciting adventure! Who knows? They may surprise you with the best day ever. If you truly are the type of person who needs some control of any plans, especially on your day, then give them a list of guidelines to plan by.

2. The best things in life are FREE!

Your birthday is such a magical day. On top of the royal treatment you get presents that you didn’t have to pay a dime for! So keep that FREE train going and spend the day visiting places and restaurants that give away free treats on your birthday!

3. Let’s get crafty.

Use up your birthday making crafts and meals that you have saved on your Pinterest board (SPRIGHTLY ALERT: IF YOU DON’T HAVE PINTEREST STOP READING THIS BLOG AND SIGN-UP IMMEDIATELY. THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL). Invite some friends over, make some crafts, cook a feast to celebrate you!

4. Party Hardy, my friends.

What is a birthday without a little bit of a fiesta! Throw a party in honor of you but with a twist of adding a little bit of your personality by picking a theme. All your friends will have to come dressed up to whatever theme you picked.

5. Risky Business

We all have those secret guilty pleasures like getting a piercing, dying our hair, or getting a tattoo. Well, if you have to do it on any day I’d say your birthday (when you’re at the appropriate age to do whatever it is you have planned) is the perfect day to do it! Not only is it liberating but also much more special.

6. Treat Yo Self

No day like your birthday than to buy yourself that “Speedy 35” Louis Vuitton bag or that fine black leather Gucci belt with the thick gold buckle. Life is too short and you’re not getting any younger. Of course, we’re still trying to be smart here. So save up your money months prior and treat yourself for working hard all year.

7. Keeping Care of You

Birthdays are all about you. The one thing a lot of people forget to do is to take time for you and just relax. Go to a spa and get the royal treatment from certified professionals who took a course in the royalty treatment special. Spend the day getting your nails done, hair done, everything did and maybe after head out to a nice dinner with your friends.

8. Did someone say VEGAS VACATION?!

Alright so you don’t have to go as far out as Vegas or the Bahamas, especially if those vacay spots aren’t even close to your area. Just go somewhere, take an adventure. Grab a couple of your closest friends and go one a getaway to the closest vacation spot to you.

9. We at the Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Though you may be around the corner from house, hotels are the cat’s pajamas! If you feel like you can’t cough up the funds for one then split it with your friends. Have the concierge help you pick out a nice spot nearby for a dinner, rent some movies on the TV, and bring some birthday decorations to make the room look a little more festive!

10. Check it off.

Have a bucket list? Great! Spend your birthday finally getting around to your bucket list and make a goal for yourself to at least check off a certain amount before your birthday is over. If you’re feeling a little more giving, make a birthday random acts of kindness list and try to check them all off before midnight. It’ll make for a fun game and keep you entertained for a majority of the day!

11. Time Traveler

Going back to look at old photos, notes you wrote, and art projects from when you were little is always a nice nostalgic moment. These moments in your life are priceless and every second counts. Try to hold onto these memories by making them into tangible items. Make a time capsule with your friends and fill it with things that remind you of who you are as of right now. You can even film videos of yourselves explaining all that is going on in your life. Once you filled the capsule seal it and don’t open it until your next milestone birthday.

12. C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E party!

Beach days are the best days with the right people by your side. The day doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Have a bonfire with s’mores, pizza, music and your best friends!

13. Netflix on the big screen.

You can binge watch movies on Netflix on any old day, but today is your special day! Take yourself out to the movie theater and watch 2 films in a row… 3 in a row… HECK, watch movies until the movies close!

14. Fear Factor

Try something you’ve never done before. Whether it be a day going to restaurants you’ve never heard of or doing an activity SLIGHTLY out of your comfort zone. I cannot stress “slightly” enough, this is your birthday not a day of punishment. You don’t want to push yourself into something you truly are not at all comfortable with.

15. Fresh to death from head to toe.

You are all a 10/10 on a regular basis but on your birthday you should looke Ferigalicious GLAMOROUS! Go to the mall buy yourself a completely new outfit, along with accessories of course, then go show off your new purchases at a fancy birthday dinner with your friends.

16. LIVE entertainment!!

Great entertainment doesn’t have to be on the big screen. Find a concert around the time of your birthday, or go to your local comedy club to see the latest acts. Live entertainment is actually a pretty fun experience. Some places even serve food, so you’ll have dinner and a show!

17. Picnic Day

Whatever happened to birthdays in the park? Having a gathering in the park is a great way to save on some expenses than if you were to go to a restaurant or venue. If you do feel like spending a little, you can rent a delicious food truck for a couple hours. Or if you truly are strapped for cash, then have a potluck picnic! With all the fun of games, friends, and music it doesn’t matter how much you spend.

18. Canon ball!!!

Take a dip in the pool (if the weather calls for it) like summer never ends. Pool parties, whether for your birthday or not, are always a great way to get together with friends and relax. Skip the restaurant and barbecue on the grill, it’ll be a birthday bash you won’t ever forget!

19. Sprightly cordially invites you to a fancy pants dinner party for fancy pants folks like you…

Dinner parties are all the rave right now. You can even hire a personal chef for the night to wine and dine you and your friends. Or you can just cater your favorite restaurant and set it on fancy serving dishes. It’s all about presentation and how you sell it, my friend.

20. Jammies Extravaganza

I live for pajamas. The first thing I do when I get home is change into a nice fresh set of pajamas. It such a fantastic feeling. Cozy is my middle name, so if there is an excuse to party in my pajamas… I’ll be the first one in and last one out. Pajamas create for a comfortable environment with a festive take on it. There are many ways to spice up pajamas, that’s the beauty of onesie jumpsuits!

21. Groupon Getaway

Another all day birthday adventure would be to follow the coupons. Challenge yourself by going to places that only have a Groupon deal. College ain’t cheap so you’ll also be saving money along the way. That’s a win-win scenario if you ask me.

22. Explore new heights.

Take your birthday to the next active level. Go on a hiking trail you’ve never traveled to or to museums you’ve never been before. When it comes to the path of a healthy and fit lifestyle, there’s no days off. Except cheat days because who can resist Hot Cheetos?

23. Travel like a celebrity.

Rent a limo for a day and go from place to place with all your friends! Dress to the tens and take a trip to the city. If you’ve learned anything from Princess Diaries it’s that people of royalty never drive themselves.

(Featured photo credits: Serious Eats)

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