REVIEW ALERT: The Mimosa House


“The Mimosa House” doesn’t that just sound like something from a fairytale?

A house filled with a colossal amount of mimosa flavors that you cannot help but taste test more than one and warm, delectable brunch plates served on white porcelain that are waiting to be savored.

Within the cookie cutter homes and neatly lined bushes in East Sacramento hides a restaurant visited by brunch masters, by the name of “The Mimosa House”. In honor of my past birthday weekend, a friend and I decided to be amongst the brunchiest bunch and experience what all the hype was about.  

unnamed-1.jpgPhoto Credits: Biz Journal

As we entered the restaurant, we were told it would be about a 45 minute wait so we put our name down and grudgingly walked back to the car and waited till it was our turn. Without a minute wasted, we strutted with empty belly’s back inside and we got seated immediately. Menus placed in either of our hands and we darted our eyes directly to the “Mimosa” section of the menu. 31 styled mimosas are gawky back at us and it makes it extremely hard to choose just one, however we both decided on the “Peachy Keen” and the “Spring Kiss”, both hit all the right notes of bubbly, fruity, and tart. But don’t let the never-ending list of flavors overwhelm you, they have thought about the indecisive crowd and you can choose a line-up of 3 different mimosas for $13.95.


After we received our drinks, we ordered our food: “The Country” eggs benedict draped in a warm gravy and a poached egg resting on a thick bread slice. My friend customized her own omelette with veggies and meat, with a side of seasoned potatoes crisped to perfection.

Now let’s stop time for a second readers, at around 1:55 p.m. we ordered our food and happily sipped on our drinks while we waited, assuming that the wait would not be more than the normal 15-20 minutes.

Well readers, this is where my review gets interesting and let me warn you, this is not our typical review.


Let’s go back to us sipping our drinks, 1 sip, 2 sips, 3 sips and suddenly an employee who appears to be the host walks up to our table with two freshly opened bottles of champagne and starts to fill each glass till they are filled to the brim. Of course, we laughed it off and thought it was nice of them to offer us more…thinking that would be the only time they would refill our glass.

Around 8 minutes passes and the employee walks back to our table and continues to pour another shot of champagne in the glasses. Keep in mind, between this time period we were taking small, nursed sips as it was reaching mid-afternoon and my friend drove us here.

Flash forward to an additional 15 minutes later and the employee has already come to our table in a total of 5 times to refill our drinks. At the 3rd time, our waiter and the other employee (both males) proceeded to tell us to at least finish our drinks halfway. As we laughed and shook our heads, they removed my friend’s water from the table and then proceeded to grab mine. At this point, we realized we STILL had not received our meals and people who arrived after us, were getting their meals. At the 4th time, my friend told him no more as she drove and could not continue to drink.

Before they arrived at the table for the 5th time, it was clear that we were being watched from the employees as we  were not finishing our drinks.


At about 2:22 p.m., we finally received our food and it felt like hours went by (maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the delayed service).  At the 5th time, the employee brought over two massive mimosas to the table and set them down before walking away. Laughing in shock and covering up our initial discomfort, we could not believe that they were continuously bringing us drinks. After the final time, both employees came up to the table and asked why we were not finishing our beverages. Laughing, we both told them we drove and cannot drink anymore and ended with a stern look.

“Well give us your keys and we can move your car for you in the parking lot and then you can come get it in the morning”, said one employee. Gaping mouthed, we both looked at one another in confusion. We told them that wouldn’t be necessary and in a form to get them to stop bringing drinks, my friend said, “We appreciate the drinks but I prefer different alcohol and I cannot finish all of this”. Without skipping a beat, the employee grabbed her next level mimosa and 5 minutes later, brought over a White Linen (vodka, gin, lime, and ice).

That final drink was clarification enough that we needed to leave and  within 2 minutes of the waiter bringing us our drink my friend asked for the check and we finished our food, signed the receipt then grabbed our bags.

As we left, the employee (who initiated the alcohol frenzy) was leaning against the host table with a female employee. We both smiled and my friend said, “Next time we will make sure to take an Uber so we can enjoy the drinks”, trying to be polite as we were both uncomfortable. The leaning employee then proceeded to say, “Next time, you’re not invited” and narrowed his vision towards to the opposite end of the restaurant.


Walking out, we both looked at each other and immediately felt uncomfortable about the situation. That is definitely not something you say to a customer as they are leaving your establishment.

Bottom Line: If this were a large group of people who were cheering the waiter on as he brought us more drinks and they weren’t saying “We can’t drink anymore, we drove.” then this would be an entirely different story. Some may say, “That doesn’t sound like a bad experience, who would say no to free alcohol?”.  

But this was mid-afternoon, we were not finishing our drinks and my friend told the waiter multiple times that we drove and did not intend on finishing them.

Look, I understand the idea of the waiter and employee trying to get us to have fun but after awhile don’t you think you would stop if your customers were not enjoying the beverages and told you they drove to the restaurant and could not finish the drinks on numerous occasions?

The Mimosa House Sprightly rating:


The food was very good

The mimosas had just the right amount of flavor

The environment was upbeat.


We may have left with full tummies but the experience we had did not leave a good taste in our mouths and the employee’s final comment truly sealed the deal for us. Here at Sprightly we believe in second chances…perhaps next time will be better but until then, The Mimosa House is under construction until further notice.

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