Sprightly’s Guide to: Love Day


This blog post is dedicated to our readers, both single and taken, who will LOVE “Love Day” as much as we do after reading this!

Don’t be a “grumpus” this Valentine’s Day! There’s much to love about Love Day. Leave the stigma of #ForeverAlone back in 2010 where it should stay FOREVER. For those single minglers, you are independent and fabulous. Same goes for those folks who are invested in some sort of commitment to another. We are all fabulous and today is a day about love, NOT romantic relationships.

First things first, you need to change your mindset if you’re reading this with furrowed brows. STOP and relax your face. One, because you’ll only get wrinkles faster. Two, because you’re looking at it the wrong way. Today is to celebrate love for your family, friends, and YOURSELF. Which means, we should all be our own valentine at least. Love yourself, know your worth. (I’d give Drake quote credits but I tweaked that a little, sorry Drizzy.) 

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Next stop on the Love train, your ultimate guide on how to conquer this day of love, brought to you by Sprightly.

Days leading up…

Take some time to think about exactly what you need to do to prepare. Whether it be…

  • Pre-ordering that delicious box of donuts to bring to the office to help spread the love.
  • Collecting decor from the Target dollar section for your cubicle.
  • Sending out e-vites for your “Love Yourself Extravaganza” party!


Today’s the day…. The Valentine’s Day Massacre

I hope you get plenty of sleep the night before, because on the day of, you’re going to be very busy enjoying every minute of your Valentine’s Day!! As mentioned in “Days leading up…” here are some activities and rituals that might be fun to do on V-Day:

1.Welcome to the Love Club

Get a couple of friends that also enjoy Valentine’s Day to spend the day with you. If you bring positive energy along, you will feel the love all day long! Bring them along on your planned activities for the day. Planning ahead would probably be a good idea for this option since it involves more than just yourself. It’ll also be a great way to look forward to Valentine’s Day for days leading up! Go out to a fancy dinner, get all dressed up, and feel as fabulous as you already are!! (photo credits: Mitú)


2. Rub-a-dub-dub

Take a nice soothing bath with a bath bomb from lush. Add some bubbles and rose petals… Hell, cut up some cucumbers for those designer eye bags of yours! Sit back with some bubbly (apple cider or champagne, whatever floats your bubbly boat) and really take some time to yourself. Self-care cures all broken hearts and bad thoughts. (photo credits: Giphy)


3. Pass the popcorn

For those cinema fanatics, this is where you have yet another excuse to not get up, and binge watch everything and anything on Netflix. This is a perfect time to watch all those cheesy-corny Valentine’s Day movies that you secretly love but never admit to anyone. It’s okay, you’re in a safe space. Say it with me: “I LOVE NICHOLAS SPARKS MOVIES AND I’M NOT ASHAMED… Maybe a little, but that’s okay!!” (photo credits: Giphy)


4. Is something burning?

Get this, smell can affect your mood!! Who knew?! Fill your house with candles of your favorite scents to help keep your spirits up and have a calm state of mind all day long! If you’re working during the day, you can go to your local grocery store and get a Febreeze or Glade plug-in so you can come home surrounded by a refreshing and soothing aroma!! (photo credits: Giphy)


5. Sprightly has a CRUSH on you

This Valentine’s Day is all about you, so what better way to dedicate yourself then to finally ask out that one special someone you’ve had your eye on. Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to grab a date for the evening and go see the new Fifty Shades of Freed movie! You are a strong, independent person. You can do this! What’s not to love about you!? Take that leap of faith and put yourself out there because I know they’ll adore you. (photo credits: Giphy)


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