REVIEW ALERT: Asha Urban Baths


After reading this title, if you have not heard of this business before, I can only assume that you think I am writing about a warehouse that specializes in selling rustic bathtubs. But those of you who are from the Greater Sacramento Area and are seemingly in the know about rad gems hidden in the streets of this ever-changing town, then you would know I am talking about this little known local business named Asha Urban Baths, a hyper-relaxing bathhouse.  

Before I begin, I will offer a vast blanket of reassurance to those of you who have never heard of this place because to be honest, if you have not lived in the area for quite some time, you probably would have never heard of it unless someone told you about it  and with that…I am here to be your someone.

Ironically, no one even told me about this place and I came across it after I did some serious searching on the interwebs for a local (reasonably priced) sauna location that I could crawl to when the stress was reaching a breaking point and gosh darn it, forget about my problems for perhaps 60-minutes of my day. This place caught my eye almost immediately with the rave reviews and the ultimate amenities that it offers for anyone who enters, “slow down, live well, and enjoy life”, said the website and well, the rest is history.

The bathhouse offers a sauna, steam room, warm soak, cold plunge pool, and numerous wooden chaise lounge chairs to take your rejuvenation to the next level.


Here are the basics:

  • Swimwear is required
  • Bring flip-flops (however you can borrow from the desk)
  • Towels
  • Water
  • Co-Ed
  • Strongly encourages soft speaking and low voices to help the overall experience
  • $25 for a “Drop-in” with no appointment needed and no time limit
  • Extra packages for facials, yoga and massages for the dedicated subscribers


Now of course, who better than to take to this notable place than my boyfriend? That’s right ladies, I somehow managed to convince my 20-something boyfriend to come with me and surprisingly after explaining it, there was not much resistance (clearly to my astonishment).

We hopped in the car, drove to the bathhouse in our flip flops and bathing suits (mind you it was about 53 degrees outside in January so this felt pretty strange) and finally arrived to our destination. A small white building graces our vision with a large “ASHA URBAN BATHS” sign is sprawled across the side of the building, basically feeding every aesthetic you have ever had. I had to stop and managed to take a photo of this despite my boyfriend’s sigh.


We walk in and the person at the front desk already exudes a natural zen and immediately you want to be just like them, their coolness is practically contagious. They take two forms of I.D. (assuming this is incase you decide to run off without paying) and open a tall, bamboo style door that welcomes you into the rooms. We split off into separate locker rooms and meet by the warm pool further inside. The first thing I noticed was the wide variety of shower heads everywhere, it came to my attention that they require you to rinse off before going into either of the pools, sitting in the sauna or steam room, for sanitary reasons.

There’s a large chalkboard sign that hangs on the wall next to a water container that offers fruit infused drinking water for your thirsty needs (they STRONGLY encourage you keep up with your fluids throughout the experience as you lose a lot water and are exposed to high temps). The chalkboard recommends which station to do first and in what order. However, my boyfriend and I are natural born rule breakers and apparently not so situationally aware because we tried whatever seemed appeasing to us first and we did not notice the HUGE, CHALKBOARD sign until afterwards.


To answer any concern, no I do not think if you go out of their recommended order it will alter your experience but next time, I’m making a personal note to follow their rules.

New year, new me?

Fast forward to 80-minutes later and wow, needless to say we both felt like new people. Cool, calm, and collected all of our problems melted off in the steam room and I felt like nothing could ruin this newly unearthed natural smile on my face. We dried off and finished our session by paying our dues ($25 each for a flat total of $50) and fast-walked to the car as it was more than nipply conditions outside. We are not allowed to bring electronic devices inside the bathhouse so here are some pictures brought to you by Sac Mag.


The key to this experience is to learn to let go, that is something that is very hard for me to do and it takes a lot for myself to fully calm down but this surprised me, it is as if the wooden pillars and warm steam around me grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to get my sh*t together.

I could easily see myself going here at most once a month for a good cleansing experience whether with a friend or for some quality time with myself.



  1. Do not let “co-ed” deter you from coming here and trying it out, I know it sounds strange to some but everyone minds their own business and because people go there to relax, not a lot of socializing goes down.
  2. Do not let “bathhouse”  freak you out, the term reminded me of the past centuries ago when they had public bathhouse where people would bathe collectively. That turned me off pretty quick, but I decided to try something outside of my comfort zone. I think you should too.
  3. It’s 2018 ladies and gentlemen, you deserve to give yourself some nurturing this year and this place is a great one stop shop to a “new you”. Trust me, this is worth your while.

Photo Credits: Sac Mag

Photo Credits: Personal


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