Sprightly: Spring Favorites


Do you smell that?

It’s the crisp breezy air that delicately graces your skin, the warm, sour scent of the blooming flowers and the freshly chopped greenery.

Oh, what a wonderful time to be alive…..spring has (officially) sprung ladies and gentlemen.

I don’t know what it is about the springtime but it gets me giddy like a child who’s eatin’ ice cream for dinner.

This season means summer is right around the corner, plants don’t look dead anymore, and on the downside….my allergies flare up but I’m choosing to ignore that for this blog entry and for your own personal interests.

For some reason, everything just feels better and brighter. I become more ballsy with fashion, I’m smiling before my morning coffee (please don’t judge me), and I miraculously have more hitch in my giddy…or is it hitch in my giddy up…


Spring means brand spanking new seasonal favorites and just like your favorite YouTuber or socialite, I’m going to spew out a list of my personally chosen Spring Favorites.

Spring Favorites





Dry brushing, yes it sounds strange but boy, am I a believer of the brush. After watching many of my favorite YouTubers speak on behalf of their favorites, I soon realized that they have not stopped talking about this trend called Dry Brushing. It literally is what it sounds like. You take a dry bristle brush (preferably one that has thicker bristles) and you brush all over your body before bathing. Do not wet the brush or use soap, just take the dry bristles to your skin and delicately scrub away. Of course, I wouldn’t be doing this if there were no benefits. This technique can be done daily and helps with dry skin exfoliation, cellulite reducing (still waiting on this one, to be honest), unclogging pores, stress relief, and Lymphatic System stimulation. After one week of use, my skin is softer and awakens my skin. For my sensitive skin mamas out there:my skin is SUPER sensitive to anything that is not a delicate soap. I have seen no scratches, irritation, or unusual markings so I am going to call that a win!

Purchase: I bought mine at my local grocery store in the beauty section so in other words…you can pretty much get yours at any drug store or amazon.com.





As I type this as my Spring Favorite, I’m slightly chuckling because I know many people may find this a typical “trend” or useless. I swear on all that is holy and dear to my heart that essential oils have changed my life. SO EASY and SO BENEFICIAL. Secondly, I am also being slightly unfair because I’ve been obsessed with these since last summer but I still can’t get over the hype. All you need is water and essential oils, turn on your machine (which is a soothing water sound and not distracting at all) and out comes a fresh scent that cleanses the air around you and makes the room smell fresh and clean. My current favorite oils are ylang ylang, orange, and sandalwood. I have mine in my bedroom and recently got my roommate hooked!

Purchase: I bought mine on Amazon for under $30. Please be aware that you may find other ones from websites that will charge you far more than necessary but Amazon has yet to fail me on selection of diffusers AND essential oils.

Disclaimer: I have read recently that if you have dogs, they are sensitive to certain essential oils and can lead to complications. If you have a pet please do background research and make sure your scents aren’t on the list.





Skin care is my biggest pleasure in life and I am that friend who will try every skin care mask, cream, oil, or cleanser because I’m truly obsessed. I take my skin care very seriously and have become quite picky on what I use. That being said…this face cream has literally softened my skin and given it a slight luminous glow. Typically, I pat rose oil on my face and then will apply a dime sized amount of this cream on top before bed or on a makeup-free day. My skin showed great results and moisture within a week and I was able to fight off dry spells this past winter. As mentioned above, I do have sensitive skin and there have been no flare ups. Don’t like the smell of rose? That’s okay, the smell is very mild and actually quite nice as it lingers after application.

Purchase: I bought mine on Sephora.com (and was gifted for Christmas which got me hooked ever since) but you can also purchase on their actual website.


  • HOT COLOR: Yellow



If I had a dollar for every person that has expressed their dislike for the color yellow, I would be rolling in some serious dough. This vibrant color is not a fan favorite but it has grown on me significantly, to the point I look for clothing specifically in yellow. Maybe not highlighter but mild yellows, almost golden have totally hit a home run for me. The color truly makes me happy, uplifts my spirits, and is a fun dose of color for the springtime and transitioning into summer.

Suggestion: Try smaller pieces in yellow such as: flowers, a painting, a pillow, even a bowl of fresh lemons. Then, try bigger and bolder: dresses, blouses, bedding, towels. If you have found that you still have the winter blues, purchase yellow tulips and I promise you your mood will change.


  • BOOK TO READ: Everything I Never Told You



Ever since I was a little girl my mom encouraged me to read and to this day, I love reading. More than a few Christmases ago I was gifted a Kindle and I have gotten some serious use out of it. One click, one purchase (or a few if you’re like me) and you have your next book in your hands ready to read. My recent purchase has been a book called Everything I Never Told You by  Celeste Ng. This book is best called a mystery-humor-drama- hybrid and reels the reader in instantly with the story of a family – and their missing daughter. I’m sorry but I cannot tell you more, it’s a darn juicy read and I finished it within a weekend.

Purchase: I purchased mine on Amazon for my kindly but you can get yours at bookstores, Target, Walmart….you name it.


  • PODCAST TO LISTEN: And That’s Why We Drink



Okay first I must thank Lily for introducing me to this kick-ass podcast because if it wasn’t for her, I would have never known it existed. I’m serious…I have never listened to a podcast before and never thought I would be the type to like them. Recently, we were on a 6-7 hour road trip back from her hometown and we tuned in for a few hours (each episode is a little over an hour long). The show features two best friends; Em and Christine. They discuss true crime related stories and paranormal phenomenons while drinking (Em drinks milkshakes and Christine drinks wine). I am an absolute fiend for paranormal stories and true mysteries that this was right up my alley and not to mention they have 60+ episodes already and update weekly. Between their commentary, impressive research (no, it doesn’t sound like history class it sounds like two friends telling gossip), I am a fan. Plus, did I mention their relatable personality and humor? 

Purchase: Surprise, you don’t have to purchase and if you have a Spotify account it is free and there for your listening pleasure. Enjoy spooky friends!


  • HOT ARTIST: Sabrina Claudio



Music is a HUGE part of my life. Whether I am walking to class, walking to work, driving to my destination, gyming (gym-ing?), I have headphones or my speakers blasting. Unfortunately, I fear that may bite me in the butt sooner rather than later but I’m willing to take my chances. I am a heavy Spotify user and recently, my latest artist favorite is Sabrina Claudio. A mix of R&B, hip-hop, and a dreamy, soothing voice. When I listen to her music, I imagine a warm summer breeze or…that I can compete with her singing voice, which is just not the case. Miss Claudio is new to the music world so she welcomes new listeners with 21 songs and the newest singles album: Don’t Let Me Down/ All To You.

Recommend: Confidently Lost, Don’t Let Me Down, Tell Me – Acoustic, Belong to You (feat. 6LACK) – Remix.

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