REVIEW ALERT: The Mimosa House


“The Mimosa House” doesn’t that just sound like something from a fairytale?

A house filled with a colossal amount of mimosa flavors that you cannot help but taste test more than one and warm, delectable brunch plates served on white porcelain that are waiting to be savored.

Within the cookie cutter homes and neatly lined bushes in East Sacramento hides a restaurant visited by brunch masters, by the name of “The Mimosa House”. In honor of my past birthday weekend, a friend and I decided to be amongst the brunchiest bunch and experience what all the hype was about.   Continue reading “REVIEW ALERT: The Mimosa House”

Eat me, try me, savor me: Breakfast Edition


Here’s a little known fact about me: I love breakfast. I mean, I love breakfast so much that I find myself lying in bed at night imagining what I’ll have for my first meal of the day and quite honestly, catch myself getting excited about it.
I’m not embarrassed and no, I am not ashamed. I proudly stand by my firm belief that breakfast is what keeps this world together because if it wasn’t for that meal, the world would be a very, very scary place in the wee hours of dawn (but, isn’t it already?). Continue reading “Eat me, try me, savor me: Breakfast Edition”

Kombucha Power



Cleanse your body with a nice cold glass of fermented sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria. Doesn’t that just make you want to run to the nearest bathroom stall and upchuck your last meal? That’s exactly how I felt when I heard the Kombucha train making its stops around town, picking up more people every time it came back around. My hometown is the birth and center for most trending fads, especially if it can be categorized with the health-nuts. Now I’m not a Kombucha-enthusiast or connoisseur in any way. I’m just a curious-mind who decided to jump on the fermented-beverage bandwagon to see what the hype was all about. Besides, you’ll never know if you don’t like it until you try it. When I say “try it” I don’t mean to take one sip and that will be my deciding factor, like what I did with Monster and Rockstar energy drinks. *Cue the gag reflex* (No offense to those who like beverages that taste like battery acid.) My point is, I wanted to try every single flavor, brand, and style of Kombucha to get a solid opinion on it. Continue reading “Kombucha Power”

Review Alert: Meet & Eat


Think of a time you felt extremely full after a big meal. Now imagine having that feeling while trying to sit down at Thanksgiving dinner. Well, that was me sitting at the restaurant thinking if it was possible to make my stretchy pants stretchier because this degree of stretch wasn’t cutting it for the level of stuffiness I was feeling!!! I didn’t know what full was until my recent experience dining at ‘Meet & Eat’, a local American-style eatery just down the street from the Sacramento City College campus. Let’s set the time machine back to about three weeks ago. My two friends from my hometown came to visit me for the weekend, so I decided to give them the ultimate Sacramento experience. You bet your bottom dollar I invited Emily to be a tour guide alongside me. She’s my right hand gal; it wouldn’t be a Sacramento adventure without her. With much to see in this beautiful city, the tour pushed back our meal times by quite a bit. Needless to say, around 4pm as we exited the fascinating museum inside the Capitol, we were just about ready to eat our own placentas. Crabby and exhausted, we headed to our car to drive to the nearest McDonald’s. Emily, being the voice of reason, suggested we eat at a place with much more quality to it and insisted we go to this restaurant, called ‘Meet & Eat’ that she had tried a couple weeks back. It’s hard to say no to food someone describes as “so good, it should be illegal”.  With that, it was goodbye Big Mac and hello extra 15-minute drive. Let me tell you, the things Emily and I would do for food makes such a long list you’d have to publish it in volumes. Continue reading “Review Alert: Meet & Eat”

The Paleo Experience


Before I get into this, let me put all rumors to rest. No, I did not have a gun to my head forcing me to do this nor do I have a concussion rendering me from making sound decisions. Sometimes you just need a little detox and with school coming up I wanted to be feeling at my best. To what could I be referring to? Aside from the obvious title, let me give you some background information. About three weeks ago I decided to take on the paleo diet, other wise known as the “caveman diet”, which was the true test of my will power. People who know me are probably wondering if I’ve gone mad at this point. Since I’m known to be sort of a “Dairy Queen” due to my love of cheese. They all wondered how I will ever survive without the ooey-gooey lactose infused goodness. To be honest with you, at times I questioned along side them. Continue reading “The Paleo Experience”

Review Alert: Cafeteria 15L


Remember when we were in grade school and we counted down the minutes till we were sent on lunch break? How about the moment we stepped foot in the oversized cafeteria that smelled like old hot dogs surrounded with pale yellow walls that would make Van Gogh faint on site? Ever since I left grade school, cafeterias always held a bad name in my heart and I could never imagine in a thousand years that a room called “the cafeteria” would provide delicious, wholesome food, damn was I wrong (very, very wrong). Continue reading “Review Alert: Cafeteria 15L”

Quinoa: friend or foe?


Welcome to the age of the health nuts, where vodka shots are replaced with kale shots and you live in your active wear. Adopting a clean eating plan is both liberating and self-loathing, in my case. I always decide to go on a diet or a new health eating regiment right after a nice grease-soaked, heart-stopping meal. Eating healthy is easier said than done. It requires more willpower than trying to fit into your favorite pair of jeans during your time of month. Continue reading “Quinoa: friend or foe?”

Review Alert: Liquidology


On the farthest end of East Sacramento, a hidden gem appears in the midst of cookie-cutter homes shaped to perfection and dark green trees lining the streets. What is this gem, you may ask? Well, quite frankly I would call it smoothie heaven but alas…they chose a different name and they go by Liquidology. An organic cold pressed juicery that specializes in superfood acai bowls, smoothies, health wraps, Kombucha on draft (wowzers) and numerous juices for the desired juice cleansers. Continue reading “Review Alert: Liquidology”