No Plans for Spring Break? Sprightly’s Got You Covered!


It’s that time of year folks, Spring Break is upon us and personally, I could not be more grateful for this week long break that we have been graced with in the middle of our spring semester (although, I do think it could be a little bit longer but I’ll take what I can get).  College students (and post-grads too!) take this time to get some much needed rest and relaxation that our priorities were not letting us achieve in the previous months.

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College: The Final Countdown


College… otherwise known as the best years of your life. These four years, give or take, are your golden hours. This is your peak in life, in regards to freedom. Freedom from a nine to five day. Freedom from set school hours. Freedom to eat as many frozen burritos as you like and blame it on the stereotypical “college diet”. You call the shots. As a college student you are finally considered and are treated like a true adult, but you are given leverage because you’re still so young. This is your time to figure out who you truly are, who you want to become, and how you’re going to achieve your dreams. It’s all fun and games until you turn the tassel to the left. The big question we all ask ourselves soon after commencement… “So what now?” Continue reading “College: The Final Countdown”

Sprightly’s Guide to: College


College. The chapter of our lives we dream about since our elementary school years. It is also the biggest let down of my childhood dreams. College is nothing like it seems in your fantasies and definitely not what it seems in the eyes of Hollywood. Not to put a whole downer on the entire college experience. I truly am going to miss going to school in the clothes I found on my floor on my way out the door. Once I receive my diploma, which is essentially my golden ticket into the big adult world, I will be biding my sweatpants and leggings farewell. Continue reading “Sprightly’s Guide to: College”