The Paleo Experience


Before I get into this, let me put all rumors to rest. No, I did not have a gun to my head forcing me to do this nor do I have a concussion rendering me from making sound decisions. Sometimes you just need a little detox and with school coming up I wanted to be feeling at my best. To what could I be referring to? Aside from the obvious title, let me give you some background information. About three weeks ago I decided to take on the paleo diet, other wise known as the “caveman diet”, which was the true test of my will power. People who know me are probably wondering if I’ve gone mad at this point. Since I’m known to be sort of a “Dairy Queen” due to my love of cheese. They all wondered how I will ever survive without the ooey-gooey lactose infused goodness. To be honest with you, at times I questioned along side them. Continue reading “The Paleo Experience”