No Plans for Spring Break? Sprightly’s Got You Covered!


It’s that time of year folks, Spring Break is upon us and personally, I could not be more grateful for this week long break that we have been graced with in the middle of our spring semester (although, I do think it could be a little bit longer but I’ll take what I can get).  College students (and post-grads too!) take this time to get some much needed rest and relaxation that our priorities were not letting us achieve in the previous months.

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Top 10: Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows


Netflix: the forbidden fruit, an addictive hobby, the root of our comfort.

It has been a long day at work or school, all you want to do is throw on you pajamas, put your legs up and take a moment for yourself. After you have settled in, what is the first thing you do?

A. Eat everything in your fridge and fall into a food coma and doze off.

B. Reply to your emails, text messages, and and clean the house…it’s been a long day but the grind never stops.

C. See how fast you can put on your sweats and switch the television on Netflix, I am a slave to the television! Continue reading “Top 10: Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows”

Rate the Red Carpet: Oscars 2018


This past Sunday, Americans gathered around their TV screens with ballots in hand and awaited the results to see who would take home a heavy, shiny gold Oscar trophy. The Oscars is the one night a year most of us turn into a self-proclaimed movie critic, then once the clock strikes midnight we retire back to reality. Whether you’re a movie junkie or just there for the red carpet looks, the Oscars is a night for everyone. It is a night of glitz, talent, slip-ups, career gambling monologues, fashion crimes, and iconic trendsetting moments. Continue reading “Rate the Red Carpet: Oscars 2018”

College: The Final Countdown


College… otherwise known as the best years of your life. These four years, give or take, are your golden hours. This is your peak in life, in regards to freedom. Freedom from a nine to five day. Freedom from set school hours. Freedom to eat as many frozen burritos as you like and blame it on the stereotypical “college diet”. You call the shots. As a college student you are finally considered and are treated like a true adult, but you are given leverage because you’re still so young. This is your time to figure out who you truly are, who you want to become, and how you’re going to achieve your dreams. It’s all fun and games until you turn the tassel to the left. The big question we all ask ourselves soon after commencement… “So what now?” Continue reading “College: The Final Countdown”

Social Media Fast


I never realized just how much a person depends on social media until I decided to challenge myself this past week. Anyone who knows me knows my phone is practically super glued to my hand. My entire life depends on my phone. No, I’m not being dramatic. It’s true and when I explain why, you might think yours does too. Of course, my obsession with social media can be a bit excessive, but that’s what this generation is; social media has become the portal key to connecting with the rest of the world. Without it, we wouldn’t be as advanced as we’ve become. I’m not talking about how the newest Instagram story update that comes with different fonts can cure cancer. I’m talking about networking. Continue reading “Social Media Fast”

REVIEW ALERT: Asha Urban Baths


After reading this title, if you have not heard of this business before, I can only assume that you think I am writing about a warehouse that specializes in selling rustic bathtubs. But those of you who are from the Greater Sacramento Area and are seemingly in the know about rad gems hidden in the streets of this ever-changing town, then you would know I am talking about this little known local business named Asha Urban Baths, a hyper-relaxing bathhouse.   Continue reading “REVIEW ALERT: Asha Urban Baths”

Sprightly’s Guide to: Love Day


This blog post is dedicated to our readers, both single and taken, who will LOVE “Love Day” as much as we do after reading this!

Don’t be a “grumpus” this Valentine’s Day! There’s much to love about Love Day. Leave the stigma of #ForeverAlone back in 2010 where it should stay FOREVER. For those single minglers, you are independent and fabulous. Same goes for those folks who are invested in some sort of commitment to another. We are all fabulous and today is a day about love, NOT romantic relationships. Continue reading “Sprightly’s Guide to: Love Day”