A beauty guru’s dream, a competitor’s nightmare: Fenty Beauty 

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to your ride or die product, the definition of perfection and your endless beauty craze. No, I’m not talking about the discovery of setting spray (even though that really transformed my life), I’m talking about the latest foundation that hit stores and shook the boots of beauty glamazons and competitors alike. That’s right, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, the musician turned beauty queen.  Continue reading “A beauty guru’s dream, a competitor’s nightmare: Fenty Beauty “

Self Tanner: The Anti-Orange Movement


As summer is coming to an end and fall is creeping around the corner, our sun-kissed skin is coming to a close fade. Now not all of us, but most prefer a nice glistening glow throughout the year. Shamelessly, I can tell you that during the winter months I am so pale that some go running the other direction or perhaps relate me to Robert Pattinson minus the vampire-esque sparkly vibes (no offense Rob, unlike me you pull off the pale look). Ever since high school I took a detour to “Tan Land” and tried every lotion, every mousse, and every wipe imaginable and with complete immersion, I came out each time looking like an Oompa Loompa with racing streaks for evidence of the night before. I always knew when my application was bad because the moment I walked downstairs and said hello to my family,  my mother would say “OH! What the heck happened to you?!” and my dad laughed maniacally as I stood there looking like a humanized Slim Jim. Continue reading “Self Tanner: The Anti-Orange Movement”

Skin Care: The Face Behind the Mask


Ladies and Gentlemen, face mask…let me say it one more time, FACE MASK. They have been around for ages and I’m sure that Cleopatra had the most amazing skin care regimen which would explain why her skin was the definition of perfect. But we are not in those ages anymore; we are the future and the future of face masks is now. And yes, it can be incredibly hard to pick just one but that is where I come in and guide you. Unfortunately, I cannot supply you but this is good enough and will help you in your glistening skin journey. Continue reading “Skin Care: The Face Behind the Mask”